Shallow Breathes & Mismatched Heartaches

I wait around with a notepad to write all the baggage I should have never had, but when your commitment is a new game of infidelity and pure pain, I end up waiting to feel a certain sting, except all I can do is lather myself with fear and strain, wondering what made you dwindle away from something so boundless and loving.

What happened to the days where daffodils were the only thing that made you feel an undeniable sense of joy and bliss?

When the stench of this pain rinses off of my broken dreams, you’ll be left standing, wondering, what the present day will really bring.  Once you realize you’ve lost the only thing that could have really made you a better being, you’ll run to me & I’ll be waiting, to reply back with one thing, a middle finger & a fuck you, for everything you have put me through.

Faded into oblivion, I once saw myself as an innocent, but lost myself to the chaos of futures uncertainty. 

Johnny Cash - Hurt



Good night, everyone.